General construction

General construction

Our company expanded its scope of activities in 2016, in addition to the installation of solar panel systems, it started the general construction of construction works.

Our services

Energy modernization works for companies (installation of facade and roof insulation, replacement of doors and windows, modernization of heating and lighting system, installation of solar panel system).

Our references

  • Sweet Line ’98 Kft. – site renovation in Debrecen
  • Korzóház Kft. – Debrecen, Belga restaurant
  • Egyetértés Coop Zrt. – 4 commercial units
  • Egyetértés Coop Zrt. – 1 commercial unit in progress
  • Polgár Coop Zrt. – 3 commercial units in progress

Modernization of municipal buildings (facade and roof insulation, replacement of roof structure, construction of sandwich panel roof structure, replacement of external and internal doors and windows, complete construction of new building parts, painting and cladding works, plasterboard walls and suspended ceilings, replacement of high and low current system, installation of solar panel system)


  • Nursing Home in Bököny
  • Kindergarten in Bököny
  • Kindergarten in Sáránd
  • 5 municipal buildings in Kisléta
  • Sári Gusztáv Primary School in Kaba
  • Mácsai Sándor Community House in Kaba
  • Convenience Store in Kaba
  • Warehouse Building in Kaba
  • Kitchenette in Kaba
  • Building engineering renovation of Albert Schweizer Hospital-Clinic complex (Workshop line, Specialist clinic, Medical shop, Hotel building, Nursing home) in Hatvan
  • General construction of family houses for private individuals and in own investment

Detached house construction references

  • Debrecen, Gulyakút str. 46. – Family house, 2019
  • Görömbei András str. 87. – complete construction
  • Görömbei András str. 89.
  • Debrecen, family house in Kamarás str. 15. – in progress
  • Construction of an office and warehouse hall building in Debrecen, Richter Gedeon str. 41. (in progress)

Other services

We design, license and install