Road safety devices

days, since the first SafeCross® Smart Pedestrian Crossing® was installed, no accidents have occurred at the pedestrian crossings concerned.


To make it safer for pedestrians to cross safely at a designated pedestrian crossing, our company suggests a so-called SafeCross® – SMART PEDESTRIAN CROSSING® alarming system with active devices.

SafeCross® is a system developed by our company, which is a pedestrian protection warning system automatically activated by those intending to cross pedestrian crossings using active light sources installed in the pavement.P

edestrians intending to cross are detected primarily by using cameras or various sensors. Following the detection, high-brightness and heavy-duty LED prisms installed in the housing are activated, flashing to alert drivers to pedestrians.

The installed prisms, due to their design and the applied LED technology, are clearly visible in daytime, night-time, and limited visibility conditions.

The so-called additional highlighted LED lighting that turns on and illuminates the pedestrian crossing environment at night and in limited visibility, further signifies pedestrians approaching the crossing.

One of the main components of the system is the controller, which, as well as the entire crossing point itself, can be fully monitored via an Internet remote monitoring system, and the operation and other parameters can be modified with the appropriate authorization.

The system can be operated with a fixed power supply, a solar panel, or from the street light network at the crossings, using a battery, which ensures daytime operation.

Due to our system, its innovative and usable nature and design, they can be fully integrated into the SmartCity project.